Xenical Generic (Orlistat)
4.92 / 95

Xenical Generic (Orlistat)

4.92 / 95

Xenical (Orlistat) is a drug with the orlistat active component designed to reduce weight, which blocks approximately 33% of fats ingested after meals. This fat-blocking mechanism causes the body to safely lose weight.

The drug does not have a systemic effect on the body, does not affect the liver, brain and other organs, and it does not accumulate in the body and is intactly excreted.

Unlike other pills, the Xenical generic has undergone rigorous clinical testing and has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Xenical Generic

Mechanism of action:

The Xenical generic is very simple in action: It is directed at the digestive system and blocks approximately one-third of the fats absorbed with food and digested by the body. This system provides an effective rate of weight loss, with visible results after the first 2 weeks.

Drug efficacy:

Enzymes in the digestive system called lipase assist in the fat digestion (or destruction). When administered with food, the Xenical (Orlistat) drug binds to the lipase, thereby inhibiting its effect. By blocking these enzymes, the Xenical generic contributes to a loss of up to 20% of body weight per cycle.


  • The Xenical generic blocks about 33% of fats ingested while eating and stops their digestion in the body;
  • Orlistat has been approved by the FDA since 1999. The drug is used by millions of men and women around the world;
  • The therapeutic effect of the drug is observed after 1-2 days from the start of the treatment;
  • The activity of lipases of the gastrointestinal tract is completely restored 2 days after discontinuation of the drug;
  • As compared to other drugs, the Xenical generic has minimal side effects.

Method of administration:

Xenical is prescribed 1 capsule 1-3 times a day during each significant meal or not later than one hour after a meal. Do not administer more than 1 capsule of the drug at a time (or more than 3 capsules per day), as this does not lead to increased efficacy, but increases the likelihood of side effects.

Xenical is suitable for long-term use, and to enhance the therapeutic effect the administration should be combined with a moderate caloric balanced diet.

Special instructions:

Simultaneous administration of Xenical with oral contraceptives, statins, cardiac glycosides, fibrates, warfarin, and alcohol is allowed.

The drug reduces the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins in the intestine, so multivitamins should be administered no earlier than 2 hours after administering Xenical (preferably before bedtime).

It is not recommended to administer Xenical simultaneously with acarbose in the absence of confirmed data on the interaction of these drugs. It is not recommended to combine the drug with the antiepileptic drugs (there were noted cases of seizures).

When placing on Xenical to reduce body weight in diabetic patients, blood sugar should be carefully monitored, since it may be necessary to reduce the dose of hypoglycemic drugs.

Side effects:

Like other drugs, the Xenical generic can cause side effects. It is important to note that if side effects occur after starting the course of treatment with Xenical, immediately consult a doctor. The incidence of side effects increases with frequent use of fatty foods. The incidence of these side effects is most often observed at the beginning of administration and terminates within 1-3 months thereafter.

Below are listed the most common side effects of the drug:

  • Oily defecation;
  • Frequent defecation;
  • Orange or brown liquid in the defecation.

These changes are caused by the natural effect of fats blocking. They testify that Xenical (Orlistat) works. As a rule, they arise at the beginning of treatment, especially after a meal containing an increased amount of fat.

All of the above symptoms are temporary, as soon as you continue the course of treatment with Xenical (Orlistat), the symptoms will decrease or completely disappear.

Method of storage:

Keep the drug at room temperature (15-30 °C), protect from moisture and light. Keep away from children.

  • Elizabeth

    Husband use for a little extra energy. Helps him during a long work day.

  • Alert

    Great product.

  • Richard Kadlec

    Extremely fast shipping, just as described will be ordering again.

  • Ambroos

    Best I have tried and I have tried nearly everything!

  • Branko

    This does make you a little jittery, depending on how close to your meal you take it, so I just take one in the am and one after lunch, I’m not loosing weight fast, but, I am loosing weight.

  • Cornelius

    Great product, I'm only can comment for the stymulant that it delivers that will keep you awake and energized.

  • Amelia

    Love that this actually works and the price was right. Will order again at this price!

  • Eugene

    Awesome product! Gave me great energy & appetite control...Reached my weight loss goal in 6 weeks!

  • Lousia

    Good price, good product. works great as an on again off again supplement.

  • Guido

    One of the first. Still the best when it comes to energy and metabolism.

  • Kalle

    I use it for weight loss. I also feel like it helps keep. My thoughts straight .

  • Sebastian

    Exactly what is advertised. Great value.

  • Nine

    Hard to fine. Husband likes them to keep his weight he is at. Also helps him with energy

  • Sinan

    Best deal!! Fast shipping and fresh products!! Definitely will reorder!! Thanks!!

  • Victor

    If you are sensitive to caffeine start with one pill. These are great for controlling hunger and boosting energy,making it easier to exercise. If you don't normally ingest a lot of caffeine be careful what time you take it last,as for myself it interfered with sleep when I took it after 4pm. Like anything, you still have to exercise to lose weight but it is a helpful aid.

  • Lennart

    Honestly makes me sweaty! If I take 2 I feel it even more. I lost about 10 lbs the first month but that’s all. Even taking more I’m not still loosing. I would recommend them still.

  • anonimos

    Ok so It played nice with me no side effects nothing well until I had instant noodles it's been three days and I'm still running in and out of toilet I've literally been manufacturing oil in there bright orange it's disgusting I'm never taking noodle for the rest of my life as for my weight I've lost 4kgs in a week I feel great warning stay away from oily foods I learnt the hard way

  • Jessica

    I was not the really type of girl who'd sacrifice food to lose weight so I tried to taking Xenical because I've heard that it really is effective. I used to be 176 pounds, but after 2 weeks of taking Xenical, I am now weighing 158 pounds. So 18 pounds with no effort of giving up my cravings. The side effects doesn't bother me much because it always doesn't come at the wrong time.

  • Isla Fulton

    I love Xenical. It is basically making me scared to eat rubbish because of the oily poo side effect, with a very urgent need to 'go' it is making me look at food in a different way. If I see a family size chocolate bar, which previously I would have eaten within 2 minutes, I just see it as a slab of fat. It has changed my attitude towards food. I now eat healthy food because I know what the unhealthy food will look like as it comes out and I am disgusted that all of that unhealthy fat was going into my body, into my arteries, around my heart. It has been a visual education in healthy eating. I am losing weight and it's thanks to Xenical.

  • Poppy

    This is my second week of Xenical and I have had no side effects at all. I am sticking to weight watchers pro points diet and going to gym three times a week. I have not weighed myself yet but I can feel the difference in my clothes already. Looking to my next weigh in. My start weight was 14st 3lbs.

  • Isabella

    Xenical is great!! On 3 months I lost 30 pounds , never gain it back!!! I'm doing it again , my goal is 30 or 40 more. Side effects....true , but you lear how to handle it!!

  • J.Gimson

    Xenical helped me immensely.

  • Sophie

    These pills are amazing! I've been on them for 3 days and I've lost 7lbs already. My start weight was high - 18.5st :( Only 2 side effects for me, feeling thirsty more often and one urgent trip to the bathroom after salmon.

  • Mia

    I've been taking this for about four days now but haven't changed my diet much. I really don't advise doing this, as I literally just shat myself. But I'm not absorbing as much fat as I would through my diet (which is about to change!) So successful so far :)"

  • Ruby

    Works well with diet and not only lowers fat but seems to help curb my appetite.

  • Jak

    used to use this product when I was younger, and not nearly as heavy as I am now. It worked very well for me then, and I am hopeful it will work for me just as well now. I have been using it about a week now, and I have not yet weighted myself, but if it works the way it used to then I'm in for a treat.

  • Lily

    Does the job if you take it correctly.

  • Grace Hodges

    I truly believe in this product ! You actually don't absorb any fat that you eat with your meal. Have been using this tablets for years now . But I only take very very few in a month. So the bottle lasts for months

  • Sophia

    does what it says and as long as you watch the fat intake you will be just fine..I was curious so I had to see what would happen if I ate too much fat..lets just say to buttery grilled cheese sandwiches did the trick..Success! It works!

  • Evie H.

    ess!! It dose work. not fast but u will see the results

  • Ella 31

    This product is wander full. Try it to find out if it works for you.

  • Scarlett Jeff

    Works as described. Side effects can be a bit brutal at times so use with caution!

  • Chloe

    Good stuff so far! A great diet aid, it's been doing it's trick. Sounds a little gross, but it does make you poop a lot! However, (yeah, this is gross) you can see the oils and fats it takes out in your stool. It's doing what it says it is supposed to do, eliminate the fats and oils in the foods that you eat...

  • Isabelle Kendal

    I only take it when I eat greasy food and it does work!

  • Charlotte

    This really does help block fat if you use it correctly

  • Freya Lawman

    Great product. It's not a magic pill but it will make you do better choices in foods, since you can get those oily accidents, you will think twice next time before eating those fries. So that been said you will start eating better and lose fat almost naturally. I will recommend 100% if you are committed to do your best!

  • Sienna

    After 2 weeks I have lost 7 pounds I highly reccommend this. I have MS and have trouble losing any weight

  • Daisy

    Great for removing fat out of the body and as a weight reducing aid.

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