Test packs

Do you want to make a direct comparison between Viagra and Cialis?

Just use our potency booster sample packs.

"Try it and see," the old saying goes, which is a very true expression in this case. Only if you make a direct comparison between Viagra and Cialis will you be able to make sure which drug is for you and which is not. There are no useful studies and no best friends’ opinions – your own personal experience is the only way to know.

Often males responds very differently to the various active ingredients and it may happen that a drug gives one man a headache while another experiences no side effect at all. If you meet the health requirements for a highly active potency booster, we can offer you our different sample packs and the opportunity to compare both the compatibility and the effectiveness affordably and risk-free.

Additionally, the different periods of activity – from 4 to 6 hours for Viagra and up to 36 hours for Cialis – make potency booster sample packs so attractive. So no matter your different requirements, with these packs you will always find the perfect fit.

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