Lasix (Furosemide)
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Lasix (Furosemide)

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Lasix and its generic Furosemide are among the most widely used diuretics. This medicine has many benefits, making it popular among both doctors and patients.

High effectiveness is one of the most significant advantages of Lasix tablets. The medicine begins to work quickly, reducing swelling and lowering blood pressure. And it retains its effect around the clock with regular pill intake. Its fast action, wide range of uses, and ability to reduce stress on the heart make Lasix a valuable medical tool.

Lasix Generic

Drug Info

  • Brand Names: Lasix, Frasix, Frusenex;
  • Active Ingredient: Furosemide;
  • Manufacturer: Sanofi.

Lasix and its drug substance Furosemide

Lasix and Furosemide belong to loop diuretics. The main effect of these drugs is aimed at the loop of Henle, which plays a critical role in regulating water and electrolyte balance in the body.

When the medicine gets into the blood, it blocks the Na–K–2CI cotransporter in one part of the loop of Henle, slowing down the reabsorption of sodium and chlorine. This leads to a number of biochemical and hemodynamic changes, such as:

  • Increased urine output;
  • Decreased volume of fluid in the body;
  • Reduced swelling and/or blood pressure.

As a result of fast Furosemide (Lasix) absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, you usually see its effect within 45 - 60 minutes after administration. This makes it a helpful tool in treating various medical conditions associated with fluid retention in the body.

Indications for use

Lasix is useful for relieving various conditions, including those associated with water retention in the tissues and systems of the body. It has many benefits in treating those with hypertension and edema.

The drug reduces blood pressure and maintains it at a safe level. This helps prevent dangerous conditions like heart attacks, strokes, and kidney or other body organ problems.

Lasix diuretic is effective in the treatment of edema, including those caused by conditions such as:

  • Nephrotic syndrome;
  • Hypertensive crisis;
  • Liver diseases;
  • Chronic and/or acute renal failure;
  • Chronic and/or acute heart failure.

Treatment regimens and dosages

The normal dose of Lasix is individual for each patient, considering their condition, age, response to treatment, use of other medications, and disease characteristics.

Hypertension treatment:

  • Standard single dose: 20 - 40 mg;
  • Frequency of use: twice a day.

Swelling treatment:

  • Treating moderate swelling requires 20 - 40 mg a day;
  • For severe swelling, the dosage is individual.

For children, the dosage is calculated based on their age and body weight. Consult your doctor to determine your dosage.

Recommendations for use

Before Lasix medication, you should consult a doctor. The doctor will determine your dose based on your medical conditions and body characteristics. Remember that following the recommendations is the key to the safe and effective use of diuretics.

Follow these rules so that your treatment is right and lead to improved health:

  • Unless prescribed otherwise, avoid taking Lasix before sleep to reduce the frequency of night urination and prevent sleep disturbance;
  • Stick to a regular dosing schedule. This will help maintain a stable level of the drug in the body and ensure maximum effectiveness;
  • Take Lasix tablets whole with a glass of water;
  • Take the pills at about the same time;
  • Follow the doctor's advice regarding diet, fluid and salt intake.

Missed Dose

Doses that are too low or too high can be dangerous. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. However, if it is almost time for your next tablet, skip the missed dose and return to your regular dosing schedule.


Use Lasix 40 mg, 80 mg, or 100 mg with caution under the following conditions:

  • Uric acid gout;
  • Lupus;
  • Difficulty urinating;
  • Some kidney diseases;
  • Diabetes;
  • Porphyria (rare hereditary disorder);
  • Narrow blood vessels in the heart or brain;
  • High blood protein;
  • Low blood pressure;
  • Liver diseases;
  • Enlarged prostate gland.

If you use Lasix for hypertension, you should regularly measure your blood pressure at home or visit a doctor for monitoring. This will help ensure the treatment's effectiveness and the timely detection of changes in blood pressure.

Diuretics can affect the levels of potassium, sodium, and other electrolytes in the body. You should control your diet and make sure you're getting enough potassium. Follow recommendations for salt and fluid intake.

Use of Lasix during pregnancy

Only a doctor should decide on using diuretics during pregnancy. The doctor will assess the risks and benefits for both mother and child and choose the most appropriate drug and dosage.

Avoid Lasix tablets or injections if you are pregnant or suspect pregnancy. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to use diuretics to manage certain medical conditions during pregnancy.

Pregnant women taking diuretics should monitor their health and report any unusual symptoms to the doctor.

Possible Lasix side effects

Although loop diuretics, including Lasix, have a safer side effect profile (less frequent hypokalemia and hyponatremia) than thiazide diuretics, you may have adverse reactions during treatment.

The treatment involves some risks, including:

  • Arrhythmia;
  • Nausea;
  • Headache;
  • Changes in the blood salt balance;
  • Too little fluid in the blood;
  • Too low blood pressure;
  • Hearing impairment (when using high doses).

Lasix (Furosemide) increases urination, leading to dehydration. It is especially the case if you use the wrong dose of the drug or need to drink more water. You should monitor fluid levels and increase water consumption to prevent dehydration.

If you see any unusual adverse reactions to Lasix, such as loss of energy, muscle pain and tension, or increased heart rate, inform your doctor. These symptoms may indicate a loss of essential electrolytes. You may need to take electrolytes, such as through dietary supplements.

Lasix: interaction with other drugs

The active pharmaceutical ingredient Furosemide may interact with some substances and medicines, changing their pharmaceutical properties or causing adverse reactions. A doctor should determine the possibility of combining medications in each particular case.

Lasix may interact with the following medicines:

  • Drugs affecting blood potassium levels;
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers;
  • Aminoglycosides;
  • Medicines for treating irregular heart rhythm or those causing irregular heartbeats;
  • Some drugs used to treat mental disorders (lithium, Amisulpride);
  • Medications for hypertension or those that decrease blood pressure.

This is not a complete list. Other medicines and substances may also cause drug interactions. Consult a doctor or pharmacist before taking any other medicines or herbal supplements.


Avoid exposing the packaging to sunlight, high temperature, and humidity. Store the pills at room temperature out of the reach of children.

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