Antabuse (Disulfiram)
4.75 / 251

Antabuse (Disulfiram)

4.75 / 251

If you decide to give up alcohol and return to a sober life, Antabuse is what can help you achieve your goal. The drug does not treat alcohol dependence, but acts as a deterrent to further drinking.

It has been proven that a person is less likely to return to drinking if he/she has his/her own desire and additional support. Antabuse alone or combined with specialist counseling, family support, self-help groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous will more likely help to abstain from alcohol.

Antabuse Generic

Drug Info

  • Brand Name: Antabuse;
  • Active Ingredient: Disulfiram;
  • Manufacturer: PLIVA.

Antabuse and its active substance Disulfiram

Disulfiram is the active ingredient, which was used to create the original Antabuse medication. Unlike other drugs that help people stay sober, Disulfiram does not affect receptors of the brain. The drug affects how alcohol and the substances that are formed from it are metabolized in the human body.

Here's what happens when you use Antabuse with alcohol:

  • As before, alcohol is broken down in the body with the formation of acetaldehyde (the toxic substance responsible for hangover);
  • Acetaldehyde stops being oxidized, which leads to the accumulation of this toxin in the body.

About 10 minutes after drinking alcohol, severe intoxication occurs, which is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, such as:

  • Hot flushes;
  • Labored respiration;
  • Abdominal discomfort;
  • Limb numbness;
  • Involuntary stomach emptying;
  • Skin redness (usually on the face, arms, and chest);
  • Increased heartbeat;
  • Sudden fainting;
  • Feeling of energy lack;
  • Excessive sweating (in certain areas of the body);
  • Feeling of throat constriction and irritation.

Remember that Antabuse tablets act exactly as a deterrent. Until ethyl alcohol gets in the body, you usually will not feel the effect of the medicine.

Indications for use

Antabuse makes it possible to speed up the recovery of patients suffering from mild, moderate or severe alcohol dependence.

Depending on the specific case, maintenance therapy may be required for months or even years.

This drug should not be prescribed or given to patients without informing them.

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Treatment regimens and dosages

Antabuse is available in tablets for oral intake. If you want to buy Antabuse, you will see that the drug is available in 2 dosages:

  • Antabuse 250 mg tablets;
  • Antabuse 500 mg tablets.

Your doctor will advise the dosage you need. This drug is used once a day, usually in the morning. If drowsiness occurs during treatment, the pills can be taken in the evening.

Conventionally, treatment consists of 2 phases. As a rule, in the first phase of therapy it is recommended:

  • To use the highest possible dose of 500 mg to better deal with any urge to drink;
  • To continue taking the dose of 500 mg for 1–2 weeks to maintain the effect of the treatment.

Depending on the effectiveness and progress of treatment in the second maintenance phase of treatment, it may be recommended:

  • To use the standard dose of 250 mg;
  • To continue using the maximum dose of 500 mg;
  • To reduce the dose to 125 mg.

The duration of treatment with Antabuse is individual, usually it lasts until the patient begins to fully control the maintenance of sobriety.

Recommendations for use

To ensure the maximum benefit of alcoholism treatment and feel better, patients should follow the tips below:

  • Take the pills whole with a full glass of water before or after meals;
  • Take the tablets at the same time every day;
  • Tell your doctor if you feel better or worse.


Do not take the first dose if you drank alcohol in the last 24 hours or until your blood alcohol level reaches zero. This can result in dangerous interactions.

If you experience too many side effects, you can divide your daily dose of Antabuse in two parts: one part in the morning and one part in the late afternoon or early evening.

Missed Dose

Avoid missing doses or taking double doses. If you use the standard dosage regimen (once a day) and you forget to take a dose, skip it if your next dose is 12 hours or less away.


There are several medical reasons why Antabuse should not be used or should be taken with caution, including:

  • Epileptic seizures;
  • Vascular brain diseases;
  • Impaired kidney function;
  • Liver failure;
  • Chronically high blood sugar;
  • Low thyroid hormone production.

Do not take Antabuse, if:

  • You are allergic to Disulfiram;
  • You keep drinking;
  • You have hypertension;
  • You have a severe personality disorder.

Alcohol and drugs containing alcohol should be avoided until the drug is completely eliminated from the patient body. Driving a car and operating machinery can be dangerous due to the risk of drowsiness.

Use of Antabuse during pregnancy

Pregnant women should not take this medicine as there is a risk of harm to the health of the future mother or her baby. The pharmacological action of Disulfiram on the embryo and fetus remains unexplored.

Possible side effects

The tablets containing Disulfiram may cause side effects and may not be suitable for everyone. Before you buy and use Antabuse, it is advisable to find out about the side effects that the medicine may cause, so that you can take appropriate actions, if they occur.

The most common adverse reactions during treatment are as follows:

  • Depressed mood;
  • Strong irritability;
  • Problems with getting and maintaining an erection;
  • Tingling in the limbs;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • Increased daytime sleepiness;
  • Change in pupillary response to light;
  • Stomach discomfort and reluctance to eat;
  • Numbness of fingers, hands, feet and other parts of the body.

The risk of adverse reactions should not be taken lightly. Some of them, such as allergies, can be serious, but most are temporary and minor.

Disulfiram: interaction with other drugs

There is a number of medicines that can potentially interact with Antabuse. This interaction does not always mean that it harms your health. In most cases, the result of the interaction is a small change in the effectiveness of one of the drugs.

Disulfiram may interfere with the pharmacokinetic properties of many drugs (for example, Warfarin or Theophylline), which are metabolized by liver enzymes. If you take theses medicines, their therapeutic effect on the body may increase. In this case, you need to adjust the dosage. Usually, a single dose or intake frequency of medications used with Antabuse are reduced.

Some drugs are worth attention regarding their interactions with Antabuse:

  • Certain tricyclic antidepressants (for example, Amitriptyline) increase the disulfiram-ethanol reaction;
  • Muscle relaxants, sedatives, anxiolytics, anticonvulsants, hypnotics, and benzodiazepines can reduce unpleasant disulfiram-ethanol reactions;
  • Medications that affect the regulation of blood pressure;
  • The elimination rate of Rifampicin used to treat tuberculosis and certain mycobacterial infections may change when interacting with Antabuse.

This is not a complete list. Other drugs and substances may also cause interactions. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking any other medicines or herbal supplements.

Take note that drugs containing Disulfiram can interact even with a small amount of ethyl alcohol. So, during treatment, it is necessary to abandon the use of any medicines containing alcohol, such as cough syrups.


The manufacturer of Antabuse does not recommend splitting the tablets, and we do not recommend it either. If you still do this, try to use the halves of the tablets as soon as possible so that they do not lose their properties.

Exposure to light, moisture, heat and air can damage the medicine. Store Antabuse in the original packaging in a dry place at room temperature between 20°C and 25°C.

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  • Boone Gott

    I’ve never lived a sober life. And when I was 43, I decided to end this bad habit once and for all. The doctor recommended Antabuse as a means to achieve the goal. I have to admit, I was a little afraid to try, 'cause I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop drinking. My willpower helped me resist the drunkenness, and the pills helped too. No alcohol for 78 days. Every day makes it easier for me to resist the urge to drink. I have NO side effects. I am grateful to Antabuse, it changed my life for the better.

  • Angelica Ganza

    Well, all I can say is WOW!! I was consistent in taking pills every day, and the cravings were minimal.

  • Brenton Amsel

    I know Antabuse has side effects, and I’ve had them too — irritability and bad mood, but all drugs can cause side effects. I have a friend who told me: "Looking at you, I don’t want to use Antabuse because I’m afraid of side effects". I asked him: "What side effects are caused by alcohol?", and he pondered. Thank heavens for Antabuse!!

  • Siegfried Holland

    I used Antabuse to stop drinking after 9 years of alcohol abuse. I think it’s a miracle cure, and more people should know about it. My friend told me about the pills, the doctor confirmed everything, and I asked for a prescription. I began to live a sober life. One day I thought: "I really don’t want it", the craving for alcohol passed almost unnoticed for me.

  • Lukas Bullock

    I’ve drunk for 26 years. I tried to give up and failed every time. Then I tried to use Antabuse pills for six months. It was almost a year ago, and I haven’t even had a desire to drink since. I had no side effects, for me this drug became the only way out, the real savior. 100 % cure.

  • Alden Troy

    Hey, guys, I’ve taken the pills for 13 weeks, and oh, my God, what a great result — I can resist drinking. I’m glad I did it, or else I wouldn’t be where I am now — I’ve got a new job, my career’s up. Good luck to all in a future free of alcohol.

  • Edmund Huddleson

    I’ve not drunk for a year. I don’t take Antabuse anymore, but it was necessary. The thing is that these pills force you to be sober and help you change your habits. My physical and mental state went up in a spiral. Every morning when I wake up I have a clear head and logical thinking in order. These pills became a way out for me. I’m already not thinking of drinking as of a reward at the end of the working week.

  • Issac Nelson

    I loved to drink thinking it to be my way of dealing with stress. I drank more every year until I became a chronic drunkard. I began to take Antabuse on January 1, 2021, because my doctor told me in detail about my health problems and said that I should give up. Today, I’m still taking the pills, and I plan to do so for a few more months. I don’t want to fail and go back to hell. Recommend to all.

  • Paul Harlan

    I’ve drunk for over 12 years, several times a week. During these years, I’ve had several attempts to stop drinking, but they’ve all been unsuccessful. I have some friends who have completely stopped drinking alcohol with the help of Antabuse, so I decided to try. I’ve already been sober for 45 days and sometimes I still feel like something’s missing. I hope I’ll be clean soon and it’ll be for life. Try it and good luck!

  • Giada Basile

    I almost let alcohol make my life hell. I can recommend these pills to anyone who can’t stop.

  • Kyle Wragge

    I went to a narcologist and was prescribed Antabuse. To be honest, I wasn’t much afraid of side effects. In a week, I stupidly decided to see what would happen if I drank beer. I couldn’t finish half of it and suddenly it started. That was my “punishment”, I felt TERRIBLE! I thought my heart was about to pop out of my chest or explode, then I experienced an uncontrollable tremor in my hands, my throat swelled, it was hard to breathe, I first experienced such fear. THAT WAS A REALLY BAD IDEA! This drug works wonders, but under no circumstances, no matter what happens in life, DO NOT DRINK WHILE TAKING PILLS.

  • Elvin Sackville

    Tomorrow, it will be three weeks since I drank the last can of beer. Antabuse helps me cope with any urge. A month ago, alcohol nearly ruined my family. I’ll never let that happen again. This drug is a great deterrent, I don’t feel like a leper anymore.

  • Mark Dexter

    Hey, everybody! This is my second review as today it is six months since I have begun a sober life. And I just wanted to remind everyone that stopping drinking alcohol has a lot of psychological and physical benefits. Taking Antabuse may be the most important decision since you’ve been trapped with alcohol. Although it may seem difficult, it is indeed achievable.

  • Margery Warwick

    I have taken Antabuse for 5 months and completely stopped drinking alcohol. I’m happy to say that I haven’t had a drink for three months and I feel fine! I do not even think about drinking again.

  • Isla Everhart

    I’ve been officially clean since 07/02/21! Good luck to all.

  • Maurice Kruger

    I’ve eliminated alcohol from my life — it’s one of my greatest achievements. Regretfully, at first, I was irresponsible, I gave up and one day I drank. Disulfiram-alcohol reaction was a very unpleasant experience, I had too many side effects. Now I can’t even think of a beer. I’ll continue using the pills. Sometimes I wonder if I can hold out without the drug.

  • Gerold Harlow

    I’m happy to say I haven’t had a drink in 1172 days and I feel fine.

  • Kathlyn Eads

    Thanks to Antabuse and whoever invented it.

  • Meredith Harris

    So many improvements in just 60 days! I’ll try to stay strong. I recommend this pharmacy to everyone. It is the second time that I bought Antabuse online, and I will continue to do so.

  • Corina Pahlke

    I’ve been sober for 12 months, and Antabuse really helped me. I take a 250 mg dose every day, and I try not to miss doses. This became my morning ritual along with brushing teeth and breakfast. Taking the drug has been firmly established in my everyday life.

  • Tiffany Augustine

    Good luck on your path. I’ve been clean for 195 days!

  • Sanford Williamson

    It’s important to understand everything and want to stop drinking. Antabuse will act as a deterrent, if you suddenly want to drink. I strongly recommend to use this drug in combination with any therapy or support. I was helped by my family and sports. I feel so much happier and I am very proud of myself.

  • Brannon Shirley

    I have just finished the first package of Antabuse 250 mg (30 tablets), and I have not been drinking for a month. The drug is great for dealing with my problem. I bought a new package of Antabuse in advance at this online pharmacy. Good prices, good service and fast delivery. Keep it this way! Thanks! Now I feel fine. I think I’ll be able to use half a pill a day soon, and one package will last two months.

  • Branden Durant

    I found out about Antabuse and I wanted to try it. After two months, I realized I’d stopped drinking and I didn’t want it anymore. Perhaps I could have given up drinking on my own (I never thought of myself as an alcoholic), but I decided to move irrevocably to a sober life. It’s been a year, I think my experience of giving up a bad habit wasn’t difficult.

  • Quinten Waxweiler

    Hello! Two years ago, I tried to stop drinking on my own, but with no result. It seemed impossible to get rid of my addiction, although I was able to temporarily limit alcohol use. Taking Antabuse has had a great impact on me, although when I started the treatment, I didn’t know what to expect. I haven’t experimented with mixing the drug and alcohol. The information I read convinced me not to do it. I haven’t had a drink in 2 years, and Antabuse is my safeguard. My head is not clouded, I enjoy life and simple things, I feel healthier and more cheerful.

  • Hilary Gottschalk

    I 100% recommend Antabuse! I’ve been taking the pills for 268 days, and I’m not gonna argue that the drug completely cured me, it’s not true. I do have urges to drink, but each time the intervals between them become longer and longer. It is a good pill to stop drinking, but don’t be fooled, I needed willpower.

  • Hollis Sturm

    I’ve been drinking for almost 20 years and I’ve never tried to dry out. As I got older, I started thinking more about my health, and I decided that I really needed to stop drinking. I set a start date for Antabuse, haven’t had a drink in five days, and I started treatment. At first, I really wanted to have a beer, as I usually do it at nights. Then I hated even the smell of alcohol. Now I’m comfortable with people who drink, and I’m willing to give them advice if they want.

  • Griffin Silver

    Alcohol had the power over me, despite any logical claims of friends to the contrary. Then I realized I was a chronic alcoholic and maybe it saved my life. It is very difficult to force yourself to sobriety, Antabuse can do it every day. The drug works perfectly, I have not experienced any side effects. I’ve been clean for 427 days!

  • Whitney Abram

    The great thing about these pills is that I know that I took them. Now drinking is out of the question. I can sit with my friends in a bar and feel no craving for alcohol. At first, I had a very strong desire to drink, but Antabuse held me back.

  • Carter Winston

    I want to share my experience of using Antabuse. It’s been two years since I started taking this drug. I’ve been always sober for the past 19 months. When I tried to drink, I had a terrible reaction. My face was burning, my body was tingling, and I had a severe panic attack. I do not recommend such experiments to ANYONE!

  • Morgan Hyde

    I agreed to treatment. The memory of the past sprees does not let me drink any more. Antabuse is the choice of everyone who decided to dry out. More than 6 months have passed since the beginning of treatment. Everything is fine in the family, and I feel much better.

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